Shark Bay – Image 3


Shark Bay, Gascoyne Region, WA | October 2022

We captured this aerial photograph of the coastline at Shark Bay with our drone when we visited in October 2022. It is Australia’a largest bay, boasting over 1000 kilometres of pristine beaches and inviting waters. When we took to the sky with we wanted to capture some of this magic, and the collection of four prints we’ve since released, add a touch of calm serenity to any room whose walls they are lucky enough to grace.

Shark Bay is most westerly point of Australia and is a place of beauty and abundance… so much so, that it’s actually a World Heritage listed destination. It is a place rich with wildlife, flora and stunning scenery.

This is image three, of a four part photography series at Shark Bay.

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The Free to Explore photography is about providing you with a magical bird’s eye view of Australia’s spectacular oceans, lakes and landscapes, as captured by our travelling Aussie family and their drone.

Photographer: Nathan Wallace, Free to Explore