About us

Squeezed into one sentence, we are a fun-loving and adventurous family of five who are always pushing the limits of freedom, travel and life on the road. Let us introduce you to the team.

Nathan worked in banking and finance for 15 years before deciding to embrace his true calling of travel and adventure. We all look to him for guidance and motivation. He is a big thinker and is constantly looking for ways to improve why and how we do things. Nathan is currently in charge of our travel website as well as on-line presence showcasing our life and what we learn along the way.

Martene is the wild one! She is a true multi-tasker and a fountain of fun and ideas. Travelling is second nature to her. She is committed to living a life of passion and purpose and is dedicated to helping others do the same as well. Martene once worked in Nursing and Nursing Management, but is now a network marketing expert, life coach, speaker and is changing lives all over the world.

Zali is our eldest daughter. She is a unique soul. A kind and considerate individual, Zali loves everyone, especially all animals. It’s safe to say we can always count on Zali to be there for us when we need her.

Maisie is our resident prankster, rebel, and artiste. We love her just the way she is. Maisie is endlessly creative and simultaneously, skilled with her hands. Above all, she is eternally kind and absolutely loves both cooking and traveling.

Matai is our Christopher Columbus in the making. He is the youngest of our family. He’s resourceful and inventive when it comes to having fun and enjoying the moment. He’s keeps us on our toes and is always looking to push the boundaries in all aspects of life.