Our Previous Setup

The decision to embrace the ‘home is where we park her’ mindset, lead to plenty of preparation and planning.

Our family of five – including three larger-than-life children – wanted a reliable off-road setup to take us to ever corner of the country, whilst ensuring the creature comforts of home.

We spent months attending caravan shows, talking to car manufacturers, and reading reviews, until finally the Royal Flair Aussie Mate – Family 22’6 and the Toyota Landcruiser 200 series GXL 2016 (which we affectionately named ‘Lucy’) were warmly welcomed into our family.

As time goes on and our journey progresses, so does our setup, as we endeavour to create our perfect home on wheels.

It’s proving to be the lap of a lifetime (although it’s turned into more of a squiggle around the country), and we’re so excited you’re here for the ride!