Our new Setup

We’re back on the road and over the moon to be starting our next adventure on the South Australian coastline in our new setup. This time however, instead of travelling with our three larger-than-life children, we have our two youngest plus a new furry addition to the family called ‘Theodore’, our French bulldog who keeps us on our toes.

We travelled on the road full-time in our last setup, and became better versed on how we want to travel, how we consume energy, and a few deal-breakers we wanted to tackle before hitting the road for a second time.

We wanted to reduce the overall weight, improve functionality, and simply have the ability to be off-grid longer without compromising on the bells and whistles we’d ultimately become accustomed to.

Our new baby is an absolute labour of love. The 2021 Royal Flair Eco Mate Family, a part of the Aussie Mate series encapsulates everything we’d learnt from our first time on the road and brings together all the bits we wanted to improve. We also upgraded our vehicle to a 2021 Toyota LandCruiser 200 series GXL – a reliable vehicle that perfectly fit our plans to go off-grid longer in our new gas-less solar powered van.

It was time to push our travels further and take our adventures to new heights… and we’re excited to bring you along for the ride!