Salt Lake Kangaroo Island – Image 1


Salt Lake, Kangaroo Island, SA | April 2021

This aerial photo of a salt lake we stumbled upon in Kangaroo Island looks more like an oil painting than a photograph. It ever-changing canvas of the Australian landscape never ceases to amaze us.

This pink lake was not a well known tourist destination, but definitely worth stopping in on to explore, as it served as the perfect impromptu classroom for our kids. The textures, thick mud and food prints that danced across the surfaces has the kids fascinated. It was on the North Coast Road from Kingscote, just past the lavender farm.

This is image one, of a three part photography series at Salt Lake, Kangaroo Island.

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The Free to Explore photography is about providing you with a magical bird’s eye view of Australia’s spectacular oceans, lakes and landscapes, as captured by our travelling Aussie family and their drone.

Photographer: Nathan Wallace, Free to Explore