Hutt Lagoon – Image 1


Hutt Lagoon, WA | October 2022

Hutt Lagoon is a stunning spot that draws visitor from near and far, although it can look very different depending on what time of the year you visit. When we visited in October 2022, we could not have been more thrilled to have been greeted with epic shades of pink and electric orange, and whilst it was spectacular from the ground, it wasn’t until we took to the skies to capture these aerial shots that her true beauty shone through.

Hutt Lagoon is a marine salt lake located in the mid-west region of WA, about two kilometres north of the mouth of the Hutt River.

This is image one, of a four part photography series at Hutt Lagoon.

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The Free to Explore photography is about providing you with a magical bird’s eye view of Australia’s spectacular oceans, lakes and landscapes, as captured by our travelling Aussie family and their drone.

Photographer: Nathan Wallace, Free to Explore